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Celebrating Mary Sampson

Welcome to our ever-growing commemorative website for the world's best mom and grandma.

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Mom at 11 years old

Daisies were mom's favourite flower. They symbolize hope, renewal and viewing the world as with the wonder of a child. Subscribe to this website to see new photos and read new stories about mom.

Young girl holds a cat in an old black and white photo.

Mom's Favourite Pics

These were mom's favourite of all her photos - and she had a shit-ton of photos. Mom and all her grandchildren. We may be biased, but we firmly believe she was the Best Nanny Ever. I'm sure the Guinness World Records people will agree.

These were the pics she brought with her to Corner Brook the day she was diagnosed, the day she was first admitted into the hospital, and we kept them close everywhere she was moved around.